Our team

Caroline Nijland
Caroline Nijland is not just the initiator, she is also the driving force behind Indigo Fashion. She has felt connected to Africa for as long as she remembers. She spent 16 years of her childhood in Cameroon where she got to know and value West Africans and their traditions when her father was one of the pioneers of solar energy in Africa. The family then moved to France where Caroline finished her secondary school, and she later studied and started her career in the Netherlands. Active, entrepreneurial and internationally-oriented, Caroline is always looking for initiatives that bridge the gap between Africa and Europe. She is active as Director for a Dutch foundation involved in the development and production of electricity via solar energy in rural areas in Africa where people have no access to power. She is also Board member/Vice President of the Alliance for Rural Electrification in Brussels. This organisation represents the interests of the sustainable energy sector in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In her free time, Caroline is involved in the ArteGanza Connecting Cultures foundation, aimed to disseminate power, beauty and diversity and bring art, culture and people together. Due to her knowledge of and appreciation for the African continent, Caroline has an extensive relevant network in both Africa and Europe. Combined with her business-sense, she is now applying this network to enable Indigo Fashion to grow and contribute to the circular economy.
Weavers & dyers
Our weavers and dyers in Africa give the fabrics of Indigo Fashion their unique twist!
Donja Yzenbrandt
‘Pure Communication,’ is Donja’s aim for all her clients. Developing communication and marketing strategies based on the essence of each business, Donja ensures all communication is seamlessly linked to the wishes of the target group while retaining the convictions, values and mission of her client. In this framework, it isn’t surprising that Donja mainly works for and with companies and organisations with strong CSR and sustainability goals. This way, she is able to stay true to her own conviction that entrepreneurs who focus on impact first – now and in the future – create the greatest added value for our economy and society. For Indigo Fashion Donja developed the marketing strategy. She also works with a team of self-employed individuals to shape all online and offline marketing communication for the sustainable fashion brand with an African twist.
Marjolein Van Dam
Marjolein is a creative Jill-of-all-trades. Brimming with inspiration, she enjoys giving each of her designs a personal touch. In designing the Indigo Fashion logo, she looked for the perfect mix of of female fashion and Africa. She also applied her love of photography to capture the beautiful fabrics of Indigo Fashion in the photos you can see on this website.
Judith Blokland
Judith has been a huge support in the launch and fashion show of Indigo Fashion. A real go-getter, she switches easily between tasks, is able to establish connections quickly and effectively contributes solutions.
Peter Putters