Bruna Consiglio

‘I’m very happy with my Indigo skirt! I like it specially because the fabric and style are very unique. The design is also just beautiful!!!’.

Relinde de Graaff

Actress | presenter | filmmaker

The dress I ordered from Indigo Fashion, I had already noticed at the fashion show during the festive launch of the new fashion brand. The color and the pattern are enchanting and I love the twist that is in the design. It makes the dress playful and yet very stylish, a good combination. It feels very special to have a dress of fabric that is made in Africa in a responsible way. Furthermore, it is nice that it consists of natural substances.

The fabric is not, like so many other clothes sold in the Netherlands, dyed with chemicals. The cotton feels nice and breathes well. Caroline Nijland, the founder of Indigo Fashion, is involved and driven. She likes to take you into the world of African fabrics and can talk passionately about her own experiences in Africa.

I am very happy with my dress by Indigo Fashion and I advise everyone to buy one. Or two. Or three.

Marjolein Korste

I received my new skirt from Indigo Fashion last week and I am really happy with it!

The fabric feels very natural and is beautiful. I was afraid that the zipper might not work as well, but it really works great!