Cotton as a basis
Hand-picked African unbleached cotton is the basis for all Indigo Fashion fabrics. The cotton grows in countries such as Mali as Burkina Faso. As soon as the picking season has ended, the local weavers set to work. They make cotton cloths that are sent to the ateliers where local dyers put them into their dye bath (with plant colourants) to create patterns in colours such as indigo or ochre. Indigo Fashion helps realise the production and design process of the fabrics and purchases them directly from the ateliers. We then export them to Europe to produce clothing and (lifestyle)accessories.

Every Indigo Fashion product is UNIQUE
In Europe we are used to fabrics on rolls; fabrics in standard sizes that come from factories. That’s not the case in Africa, where they make pieces of cloth which are hand-woven and hand-dyed, and therefore vary in colour, pattern and size. This also means that no two items from Indigo Fashion are the same, and every order is unique. Please take these variations into account when ordering.

Indigo is not colourfast. The fabrics are washed in water with a splash of vinegar to protect the colour before delivery. Over the course of time, indigo will gradually fade to a light blue.

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