Welcome to the website of Indigo Fashion

Indigo Fashion aims to revive and further professionalise the originally natural textile production in West Africa, and use these fabrics with their great variety of intense colours and prints in Western clothing and products. This way, Indigo Fashion creates a market that integrates African traditions into the life of modern, socially-responsible European consumers.

Based on centuries of experience, West Africans excel at producing stunning, colourful and natural African fabrics. They dye cotton with colourants found in nature; like indigo, which was known as the ‘Blue Gold’ many centuries ago, or warm ochre, which has an equally long history. Applying these colours on fabric in traditional prints creates pure African textiles, in which every fabric is unique and tells its own story. Indigo Fashion then uses these fabrics to develop unique clothing and (lifestyle) accessories in Europe and create true must-haves for socially-responsible fashionistas and lifestyle-lovers.

Fashion for good
Indigo Fashion works in accordance with the principle that is so well-described by ‘Fashion for good’ (fashionforgood.com). We also aim for a ‘good fashion practice with ‘The Five Goods’: Good Materials, Good Economy, Good Energy, Good Water and Good Lives.’

Indigo Fashion, for socially-responsible fashionistas and lifestyle-lovers who love natural textiles with an African twist